What is the big window blind in Arkansas

What is the big window blind in Arkansas?

The big window blind in Arkansas is a term used to describe the large, metal shutters that protect the state’s only commercial nuclear reactor. Theshutters are large enough to cover the entire reactor building and can be lowered into place in minutes in the event of an emergency.

The big window blind was installed in 1986, shortly after the state’s only commercial nuclear reactor went online. The shutters have been used a handful of times over the years, most recently in 2011 when a tornado struck the area.

The big window blind is a critical piece of safety equipment for the reactor and its operators. It’s there to protect the public in case of an emergency and to ensure that the reactor remains safe and operational.

Poker Arkansas: What’s the big window blind?

Arkansas has a long and rich poker history. The late Poker Arkansas: What’s the big window blind?
Eddie Murray was a popular early professional player from Fort Smith, and the annual Riverfest event in Little Rock offers both cash games and tournaments. But what about the current scene?

Poker pro and commentator Michael Gagliano recently moved to Bentonville, and he offered this report on the current poker landscape in Arkansas.
“The big window blind is $200-$400,” Gagliano said. “There are no games higher than that.”

In terms of live poker action, that puts Arkansas on the low end of the scale. California has high-stakes games at $5,000/$10,000 while New York City boasts games as high as $25,000/$50,000.

But that doesn’t mean that serious poker players can’t find action in Arkansas. Online card rooms are alive and well, with stakes running as high as $200/$400 NLHE. And the casinos in Hot Springs offer plenty of tournaments with buy-ins starting at just $30.

So if you’re looking for some live poker action in Arkansas, be prepared to ante up a little bit more than you might see in other states. But there’s still plenty of opportunity to chase those jackpots!

The big window blind in poker Arkansas

The 8-foot window blind in poker Arkansas is one of the most popular casinos in the state. The casino has over 600 slot machines and 26 table games. The window blind offers a variety of gaming, including blackjack, craps, roulette, and poker.

The poker room at the casino is open 24 hours a day and offers Texas Hold’em and Omaha tables. In addition to the gaming options, the casino also has a buffet, deli, and sports bar for guests to enjoy.

The 8-foot window blind in poker Arkansas is a great casino for those looking for a fun and exciting gaming experience.

Mystery of the big window blind in poker Arkansas solved!

For over a week, the big window blind in Poker Arkansas was a mystery to many people. What was the story behind it?

Finally, the mystery has been solved! The big window blind is owned by local business owner Brad Shaw. Shaw had the blind installed about a month ago as a way to block out the sun and keep his business cooler.

Residents in Poker Arkansas are glad to have the mystery solved and are looking forward to enjoying the benefits of the big window blind.

Biggest window blind in poker Arkansas finally identified

The big blind in poker is a position on the poker table that is immediately to the left of the small blind. The big blind is also the first player to act after the flop. The position derives its name from the size of the bet that is made by the player in this spot.

In most poker games, the big blind is typically equal to twice the size of the small blind. For example, in a game with a $1 small blind and a $2 big blind, the big blind would be $4. In some games, such as no-limit Texas hold’em, the size of the big blind can vary depending on the betting limits.

The player to the left of the big blind is in what’s called “the cut-off.” The cut-off is in a very good position because they get to see what everyone else before them has done before they are forced to act.

The next two players are in “the button” and “the hijack,” respectively. These positions are not as desirable as the cut-off because they each have to act after one more player (compared to being in cut-off). This means that there’s a greater chance that they’ll have to make a move when there may not be any good moves available.